A falcon perched on a gloved hand, wearing a hood for falconry, with outstretched wings against a blurred green and yellow landscape background.

The Wildest Team-Building Ideas Sure to Ruffle Attendees' Feathers

Published on October 13, 2023

Have you ever been in a conference room, listening to the same trust-fall stories and wishing for something a *tad* more exciting? Well, if you've got the heart and soul of an adventurer (with a sprinkle of audacity) and you're on the hunt for a unique twist to the usual, yawn-worthy New England team-building activities, you've come to the right place.

Equinox Resort is about to take you on a wild ride of adrenaline-pumping experiences that expand horizons and teach new skills. Discover them here!

New England Team Building

1. Axe Throwing

An axe is embedded in the bullseye of a wooden target, with concentric circles painted on the surface.

Ever felt like channeling your inner Viking?

Here's your chance!

Don't worry; we're not looking to start any medieval battles. Instead, we'll teach your team the ancient art of Axe throwing – a fun, empowering, and surprisingly therapeutic activity.

No prior axe-perience needed.

Hot tip: Here at Equinox, we offer Axe Throwing on occasional Saturdays and seasonally in the summer and fall. This is also available for private group experiences. Call us for current availability if you're axe-cited to try it!

2. Falconry Lessons

People standing by a lake with lush green mountains in the background, interacting with a man holding a bird of prey on his arm.

Let's step it up a notch with some feathered friends.

Falconry isn't just about having a bird perch on your arm. It's about understanding, patience, and building a bond.

Here in New England, at Green Mountain Falconry School, you can take advantage of the rare opportunity to handle a trained hawk and learn about the art of falconry.

In many ways, it's a metaphor for effective teamwork, where understanding and patience lead to soaring achievements. Plus, how many of your colleagues can say they've communicated with a raptor before coffee break?

Please note: this activity is available on a limited basis; connect directly with Green Mountain Falconry or us to confirm current availability.

3. Clay Shooting

A person is aiming a shotgun upwards outdoors, equipped with ear protection and a cap, standing by a pile of wood logs.

Clay shooting allows your team to aim high, metaphorically, and literally.

With clay shooting, you'll learn focus, precision, and patience – three things that might also come in handy during those lengthy budget meetings.

Hot tip: We work with Orvis Shooting School so beginning and experienced shooters alike can learn new techniques with instruction based on the English Churchill method. Available seasonally April - October.

4. Fly Fishing

Two people are fly fishing from a small boat on a calm lake surrounded by lush, green, forested mountains under a cloudy sky.

At a glance, fly fishing may seem like a solitary endeavor – an individual, a rod, and the tranquil waters.

However, when incorporated as a team-building activity, it brings along a treasure trove of benefits that can enrich the dynamics of any group.

Here are some compelling advantages of using fly fishing as a team-building tool:

  • Encourages Communication: Although fly fishing might seem like a quiet activity, it encourages participants to share tips, offer advice, and engage in low-key, genuine conversations. This fosters better communication and understanding among team members.
  • Builds Trust: Helping each other out, whether it's by untangling a line or netting a fish, builds mutual trust and reliance.
  • Celebrates Individual Achievements within a Team Setting: While everyone is fishing as part of a team, individual catches become a shared cause for celebration, promoting mutual encouragement and camaraderie.

Fly Fishing isn't just about catching fish. It's a journey that imparts numerous soft skills and values, making it a perfect, unconventional choice for team-building. Available seasonally April - October.

5. Off-Roading

A white SUV navigates through a snowy forest trail with its headlights on.

Trust us, this isn't your usual morning commute.

Whether it is your first time off-road or you have plenty of experience away from the pavement, a small group lesson can help you master off-road obstacles such as steep ascents and descents, side tilts, log and water crossings, rock crawls, and boulders.

Challenge your team with terrain, mud, and a bit of adrenaline. It's an excellent way to teach adaptability, as all trails differ. Plus, you'll have some epic stories to share at the water cooler.

And, yes, it's as fun as it sounds. Ask us about the Land Rover Driving Experience!

6. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is an electrifying winter escapade if you're lucky enough to plan your team-building during the winter months.

It isn't just about the thrill of speeding through snow-clad terrains; it's also a master class in teamwork and camaraderie.

As team members navigate the snowy landscapes, they naturally engage in genuine communication, alerting peers about upcoming turns or potential obstacles and sharing their exhilaration over a shared adventure.

The experience demands focus and mindfulness, as the roar of engines is paired with the serenity of a winter wonderland, allowing participants to be completely immersed in the moment.

What's more, snowmobiling serves as a great equalizer. Whether you're a CEO or an intern, once you're geared up and on that sled, everyone's on the same snowy playing field, forging connections without the constraints of office hierarchies.

Here at Equinox Resort, miles and miles of snowmobile trails throughout the local area provide access to the beautiful backcountry and breathtaking vistas.

7. Building Ice Sculptures

The image shows an ice sculpture of a snowman with a carrot nose, red eyes, and a black hat on a pink cloth-covered table at night.

Let's cool things down a bit and dive into a world of crystalline beauty.

Ice sculpting isn't just about chiseling away at a frozen block; it's an intricate dance of creativity, precision, and teamwork. Imagine your team, equipped with tools, working meticulously to transform chunks of ice into a masterpiece of their imagination.

United Eventures is a team building company we partner with here at The Equinox, that can bring an ice expert to provide a demonstration and lesson on the technique of ice sculpting before teams are challenged to create sculptures from a frozen block of crystal clear ice.

The process is both meditative and collaborative. Designing, planning, and executing an ice sculpture demands careful communication to help understand every team member's strengths and roles. Much like a business project, the final result is a sum of individual contributions, which means every move matters!

Guaranteed to break the ice!

Equinox Resort is proud to be your hub for unconventional team-building adventures. From the wild roars of snowmobile engines to the silent beauty of ice sculptures, we promise experiences that will not just bond your team but also leave them in awe of the wonders of nature and the power of collaboration.

We look forward to hosting your team's wildest adventure yet! And remember, the sky's the limit (especially if you're communicating with a falcon).

Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences with your team.

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