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Behind the Scenes of Equinox Resort’s Magical Holiday Decor with Gretchen and Team

Published on December 21, 2023

Every year, during the holidays, magic unfolds through the halls of Equinox Resort, transforming it into a winter wonderland. This enchantment is the work of Gretchen Ingraham and her dedicated team, who pour their hearts into creating a festive atmosphere that captivates everyone who walks through the doors.

Equinox Resort's Winter Wonderland: Behind the Scenes with Gretchen

We had the privilege of speaking with Gretchen, the creative force behind the holiday decorations, and her team to uncover the stories and inspirations behind their stunning designs.

Let's dive into the heart of this festive splendor!

Gretchen's Year-Long Journey

Gretchen, the mastermind behind the holiday decor, begins her planning a year in advance. Starting just after the previous Christmas, she spends a year brainstorming and a week in execution.

This year, her favorite creation is a snowman-themed tree located in the Manchester Foyer on the lower level of The Equinox. This whimsical tree is right outside the family game room.

She also hand-crafted 140 Victorian-themed ornaments, which were combined with antique ornaments she picked up at an estate sale.

Louise's Role and Insights

Louise, another primary decorator, highlighted her favorite part of the process - brainstorming and picking themes. Despite no longer working directly with themes, her influence is felt everywhere, especially at the front desk. She praises the internet for easing the material sourcing process, which once involved traveling to various stores.

Teamwork and Guest Reactions

Other team members and guests echoed the sentiment of appreciation for the decor. The unanimous favorite was the Victorian-themed tree, adorned with 140 handmade ornaments by Gretchen. The decorations evoke feelings of home, tradition, and joy, resonating deeply with both staff and guests.

Looking Ahead

As for the future, while Gretchen keeps her cards close to her chest, the expectation is a continued emphasis on traditional themes, which have always been a hit.

Equinox Resort’s holiday decor is more than just decorations; it's a labor of love and creativity that brings together the staff and delights the guests. It's a reminder of the warmth, joy, and wonder of the holiday season.

We invite you to experience Gretchen’s creations for yourself. Visit us at 3567 Main St. Manchester Village, VT 05254.

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