Child skiing downhill
Child skiing downhill

Skiing in Vermont near our Resort & Spa

If you’re an avid and avid skier or snowboarder, Vermont is the place for you! With tons of huge mountains and runs, spectacular views, and a laid-back vibe that you can’t find anywhere else, Vermont is well known throughout the United States as being one of the leading locations for people who love to ski and snowboard.

If you’re planning a trip to our Equinox Resort in Manchester when the snow will be flying, it’s an activity you won’t want to miss! Fortunately, there are numerous places to ski and snowboard around our resort and spa.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the place where you can find all of the most updated and comprehensive information about skiing in Vermont — Ski Vermont (or the Vermont Ski Areas Association).

Using Ski Vermont to Plan Your Ski Trip

Ski Vermont is a trade organization that was created in 1969 to help people learn more about the great skiing available in Vermont. The site promotes tourism in the area, so it has great, up-to-date information about the best runs, how to get passes and rent skis and other equipment, where to go to ski, getting to Vermont and other travel information, updated conditions, and much more.

It’s truly a one stop shop for all things skiing in Vermont. As you plan your trip and when to arrive at our resort and spa in Manchester, make sure to bookmark this site to help you with organization and finding the best skiing in the area.

We’ve done some of the work for you, however. The following is a list of places you can ski that are very close to Equinox Resort.

The Best Skiing Near Our Resort & Spa

You’ll notice right away that because we are on the western edge of Vermont, many of the best places to ski are to the east of us. Here are the places we like best when it comes to skiing in our area of beautiful Vermont:

  • Bromley Mountain is located in Peru and features on-site dining as well as alpine skiing lessons.
  • Kilington is located in Londonderry. They have alpine skiing lessons and dining options on-site.
  • Magic Mountain is also in Londonderry and features on-site alpine lessons and dining options.
  • Stratton Mountain Resort has both alpine and cross-country skiing lessons as well as on-site dining options.

Book Your Stay at Equinox Resort Today!

Are you ready for your skiing adventure in Vermont? Be sure to book your stay at Equinox Resort today as our rooms and suites go fast in the winter!

We’ll see you soon in Manchester!

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