The Spa at Equinox - Treatments

The Equinox Resort & Spa's Spa Treatments
Let the pressures of modern life fade away while you enjoy the pleasures of total relaxation and rejuvenation in the picturesque Vermont countryside. Your senses will be awakened and your soul soothed at The Spa at Equinox, which offers a comprehensive menu of massage therapies, facials, and body treatments.

Swedish Massage:

Gentle massage using long Swedish effleurage strokes.
(50 min. - $115.00; 80 min. - $165.00)

Equinox Therapeutic Massage:

Custom full-body massage using strong and firm strokes.
(50 min. - $115.00; 80 min. - $165.00)

Mother Earth:

Prenatal massage, specially designed for the mother to be.
(50 min. - $120.00)

River Stones:

Hot stones are incorporated in your massage.
(80 min. - $175.00)

Aromatherapy Massage:

A specialized gentle massage technique using blended essential oils to rebalance the body and mind.
(50 min. - $125.00; 80 min. - $175.00)

Tension Tamer:

This neck, shoulder, and back massage is designed to relieve tension and stress.
(50 min. - $115.00)

Tension Tamer with Hot Stones:

(50 min. - $125.00)

Equinox Custom Facial:

A refreshing facial to purify, nourish, and hydrate your skin, customized to suit your specific skincare needs.
(75 min. - $175.00)

Therapeutic Anti-Aging Facial:

This anti-aging facial restores elasticity, improves skin tone and moisturizes properly to quench the skin’s thirst and rejuvenate dull and tired skin.
(75 min. - $195.00)

Mountain Man:

This facial is specially designed for men, using products uniquely suited for a man's skin. (It is recommended that you shave prior to the facial.)
(75 min. - $175.00)

Rosacea Facial:

This facial calms redness, irritation and rosacea. Skin will appear more vibrant and hydrated.
(75 min. - $175.00)

Vitamin C Facial:

This rejuvenating facial incorporates the power of antioxidants with a pure vitamin C compound to address the effects of oxidation and promote collegen synthesis, for a smoother, firmer looking skin.
(75 min. - $195.00)

Body Exfoliation:

An array of seasonal selections including salts, sugars and scrubs brings your skin to a radiant glow, the warm rain of the Vichy or Swiss shower relaxes the mind and body, and a rich body cream is applied to the skin for a smooth touch.
(50 min. - $125.00)

Gifts from the Sea:

A marine detoxifying mud is used in this treatment. The mud is applied to the skin– and while you are wrapped, your skin absorbs active elements that draw out toxins and impurities. After a refreshing shower, a complimentary moisturizer msassaged into the skin.
(80 min. - $185.00)

Mother Earth Wrap:

This cooling, soothing gel wrap is recommended for pregnant women to help relax, hydrate and nourish the skin.
(50 min. - $160.00)

The Autumnal Ritual:

Inspired by the Egyptian rituals, this full-body treatment is a delicate combination of pure gold mineral and Egyptian chamomile. Allow yourself to be transformed from head to toe as you are exfoliated, enveloped, and moisturized in a golden hue that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.
(80 min. - $185.00)

White Clay Body Mask:

This signature treatment begins with an exfoliation of your choice, followed by an application of mineral white clay to rebalance and purify the skin and enhance your wrap. After an invigorating shower, a moisturizing lotion or oil is massaged into your skin.
(100 min. - $220.00)

Equinox Skin Rejuvenation:

Refresh your skin with your choice of exfoliation designed to slough off impurities that can leave your skin dull and dry. The warm rain of the Swiss or Vichy shower relaxes the mind and body as will the warm essential oils or lotions of the massage that follows.
(100 min. - $220.00)

The Spirit of Vermont:

Nestled between the Green and Taconic Mountains, you’ll find a calming sensation upon arrival at our beautiful Vermont spa. This treatment reflects that calming energy of Vermont. Indulge in the Vermont experience with a combination of massage, Reiki and reflexology.
(100 min. - $200.00)

TATA HARPER Regenerating Facial:

A fresh start to skin care using 100% all natural eco friendly products to hydrate and reenergize your skin. Using the latest active ingredients from around the world and handcrafted in Vermont This facial will saturate your skin and leave you with a dewy glow.
(75 min. - $195.00)

Abhyanga Massage:

A massage with warm Ayurvedic oil that helps increase circulation, oxygenation to skin cells and promotes general wellness for the entire body.
(80min. - $185.00)


Precise pressure is applied to areas on the feet that correspond to specific organs and structures of the body, resulting in a feeling of overall well-being.
(50 min. - $115.00)


An ancient Japanese technique using non-invasive, gentle touch and specific hand patterns allows energy to flow, promoting balance, energy, and mental clarity. This is not a massage.
(50 min. - $115.00)


This traditional oriental technique uses moderate to firm pressure to stimulate and restore balance to the body. The treatment promotes over all well-being and vitality to your body. Wear comfortable clothing.
(50 min. - $115.00; 80 min. - $160.00)

Top Coat:

Shape your nails, condition your cuticles and enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage. Your hands are then dipped in a warm wax and finally topped off with an application of your favorite polish.
(50 min. - $65.00)

Express Manicure:

For those on the go, this express manicure provides effective results in a minimum time. Nails are shaped and cuticles are conditioned, and then it’s all topped off with an application of your favorite polish. (French Manicure is not available with this service.)
(25 min. - $35.00)

Ballet Toes:

This pedicure begins with a cleansing foot soak followed by a gentle exfoliation. Your nails are shaped and your cuticles are conditioned, your feet and legs are massaged, and your feet are then dipped in a tub of warm Paraffin. Finally your nails are ready for a coat of your favorite nail polish.
(50 min. - $85.00)

Sole Comfort:

This pedicure is designed for both male and female feet that have gone that extra mile. It focuses on softening your calluses with a vigorous scrub, moisturizing your feet with an ultra-hydrating lotion and buffing your nails to perfection. Nail polish is optional.
(50 min. $85.00)