Archery School shooting arrow
The Archery School at The Equinox provides a rare opportunity for guests to learn this ancient sport under skilled supervision. In recent years, archery has garnered a loyal and dedicated following as a leisure pursuit. Testing both the skill of the participant and the balance and craftsmanship of the equipment, the challenge of mastering one of mankind's oldest hunting weapons holds broad appeal for both sexes and a variety of ages. Having mastered the mounting and drawing of a bow, novices at The Archery School can soon experience the thrill of releasing their first arrow at a simple target, under controlled and safe conditions. The Archery School features re-curve bows for teenagers and adults, as well as a range of junior bows for children as young as eight. The archery school is open May 1 through October 31.

Introductory Lessons

Learn to mount and draw re-curve bows to release a set of arrows at a traditional target, over a short distance. Once a degree of proficiency has been mastered, the distance between archer and target will be increased. Guests will also learn about the language and history of the sport. Private party bookings for 1-11 archers.

Field Archery Lesson

Guests who have mastered the basics during an Introductory Lesson can then test their skills on our Field Archery course. A specially prepared trail leads the archer through a woodland 3D course to shoot at a variety of life-sized animal targets. The instructor offers advice and keeps score as experience is gained in applying new-found skills to a hunting situation. Private party bookings for 1-11 archers.

Introductory Lesson with Field Archery

Combine an Introductory Archery lesson with a Field Archery lesson to receive a special discount. Private party bookings for 1-11 archers.

Introductory Archery Package

Combines a one-night stay at The Equinox Hotel with an Introductory Lesson and Field Archery Lesson.

Archery Tournament

First-time or return groups can arrange for a special tournament that starts with the basics and concludes with a fun competition.

LessonDurationPrice Per Guest
Introductory Lessonsfrom 45 minutes$93 each for first two archers / $72 for each additional archer
Field Archery Lessonfrom 45 minutes$139 each for first two archers / $113 for each additional archer
Introductory Lesson with Field Archeryfrom 1 hour$155 each for first two archers / $129 for each additional archer
Introductory Archery PackageOne NightPlease call Hotel Reservations
Archery for Groups (12 or more archers)1 hours 30 minutes$93 + 20% gratuity per archer
Archery Tournament (12 or more archers)1 hours 30 minutes$120 + 20% gratuity per archer

To book a course, call 802-362-4780. Click here for our Vermont Vacation Packages & Specials.