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Whether it’s an unforgettable wedding moment, a memorable mountain biking trek or a meeting that went especially well, we’d like to hear about it. We invite all of our guests to add their own story to the rich history of the Equinox.

Intimate Wedding

By: Jennifer Joyce, East Longmeadow MA


We had an amazing, intimate wedding for 35 people at the Equinox in April: spa services, yoga and golf pre-wedding, ceremony in front of the fireplace in the library, cocktails and post dinner at the Falcon Bar and dinner at the Chop House. The staff was very attentive to and accommodating of all of our wishes. This event could not have been more special. Thank you again to the Equinox Resort and their exceptional staff, Jennifer & James


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We do. We did!

By: John Rosenbaum, Arlington VA


My new wife and I tied the knot on Saturday, August 25, 2012. Due to a variety of reasons, we are delaying our full honeymoon to the winter. So in that vein, on our way of town (Vergennes, VT) on Tuesday afternoon, we stopped for lunch in the same restaurant that catered our wedding. The head chef, familiar with my wife and me, asked how the weekend went, etc, etc. He naturally asked our honeymoon plans, to which we replied: We're heading back to DC today, and figure we'll stop somewhere (dog friendly) along the way, but we weren't sure where that'd be. He suggests a favorite place that he and his wife visit: The Equinox. Neither my wife nor I were familiar, he gave us enough of a nudge to intrigue my wife and I to explore the idea a bit more. While at lunch, we pull out the laptop, and discover that The Equinox is not only dog friendly, but that it also has availability. Through the check-in process (seamless!), they learn that we just got married. Upon arrival, our room was upgraded to The Eisenhower Suite (ahh, the views from that cupola were amazing!). Thanks to a chance encounter at a local restaurant two hours away, my wife and I (along with our two dogs) had a most memorable stay at The Equinox. Thank you all for making us feel so lucky and welcome! With rainbows forever in our lives, John & Darcy (and Chauncey & Fletcher)


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Great Concierge

By: Kathleen Wroblewski, New Vernon NJ


We stayed at the Equinox for a family Black tie wedding. On the day of the wedding I realized we failed to bring a set of studs for one of my sons. (we had 3 tuxedos) I called the Hotel staff in search of the right place to purchase studs locally and within 10 minutes a set of shirt studs was delivered to our townhouse! What a way to save the day! Thank you all at the Equinox. We had a wonderful 3 night stay at the hotel. Kate Wroblewski


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Pure Relaxation ahhhh.....

By: aaron silberberg, brooklyn NY


Our story is one of serenity, ease and relaxation. Never have we felt more than all that at the Equinox. Truly a scene to sit out on the porch, forget the stresses, leave all behind, and breathe in the air. The Equinox gave a feeling of love, shelter, and tranquility that all is ok. All is good and relax and rejuvinate, thats the message we got. Enjoy and love it!!


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By: Rachel and Josh Erich, New York City NY


On November 15, 2011, two days after our wedding, we arrived at The Equinox for our very special "Vermontymoon" - our honeymoon. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty by every member on staff. We were given an upgrade to an incredible suite, and wherever we walked, dined, and spa-d, we were greeted with a congratulations. On our last night, as we snuggled by the fire pit, it started to snow. A couple, sitting to our right, offered to take our photo, and told us they were on a trip for their anniversary. In that moment, we all connected - we were not unlike them, and they were not unlike us, celebrating love in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. It has almost been a year now since our Vermontymoon, and we are actively trying to plan our return to The Equinox: the place where we decompressed, finally free from wedding planning, officially husband and wife.


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Marsh Tavern and the Marshes



Earlier this week, we were in Manchester to learn something of my 4th great grandfather William Marsh. After a last lunch at the Marsh Tavern, we were directed to your concierge (?Ernie) for directions out of town and pointed to Toronto. I am ovverwelmed my the effort made by him and other staff. Not only did they get us started but produced detailed instructions all the way to Canada. As you can see, we are safely home. Although I did not find everything I wanted on William Marsh, I have good feelings about Manchester and my stay there.


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By: Lisa A. Quasti, Lansdale PA


Every February my husband and I enjoy a long weekend at the Equinox Resort. It's our yearly tradition and getaway whlle my mother-in-law stays with our boys. We pack alot into those three or four days: enjoying the Marsh Tavern and the Falcon Bar, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, relaxing at the beautiful spa, visiting the nearby Vermont Country Store, reading by the fire, watching the snowfall and appreciating the beautiful mountainside. Here's to another year--- we can't wait!


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Qudos to the Staff

By: George Rollend, amherst NH


I just wanted to give this message to the General Manager of the hotel. This was the first time my wife and I had the opportunity to stay at the Equinox. It was during the Erica Stone wedding. we were impressed with the attention to detail and the subperb courtesy shown by all of the staff memebers. You could really see the team effort that was contributed by the whole staff. It was a great weekend. I especially wanted to point out some outstanding service by Brenda. She handled our tables during the weding receiption until the wee hours and then to see her back continuing the same level of service for the breakfast buffet the next morning was something else! Please recognize her for her outstanding service. she is what makes your resort the place we want to go back to and tell our friends about! Regards, George Rollend


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Summer Vacation

By: Keith Siegel, Lower Gwynedd PA


2010 was our first year staying at the Equinox and it is bound the be the first of many visits. We went with friends and had an active and relaxing time. We have already booked our next family vacation for 2011 and we are bringing our parents and sister's family too. We highly recommend the resort for any family seeking a sophisticated and unique property with luxurious accommodations. The Siegel Family


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Thanks to the great host in the Marsh Tavern

By: Stephen Douglas Burton, Great Barrington MA


My wife, Louise, and I wish to congratulate the Equinox on the excellent Host in the Marsh Tavern. We drive the two hours up from South Berkshire County every few weeks for lunch both for the gorgeous scenery and for the warm welcome we always receive at Marsh Tavern from the host (most recently today, Feb. 22), not to mention the gourmet cuisine and the prompt and cordial service. We actually feel like guests, not just customers. Many thanks to your talented host and his staff. We look forward to coming back again and again.


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By: Leigh Miles, Rutland VT


I grew up around the corner from the Equinox on Taconic Road. I remember as a child walking with the babysitter and stopping at the Equinox and buying "BlackJack Gum". My brother, sister and I spent many summers at the Equinox pool, then it closed for quite a while, caught on fire, and was rebuilt. Being the youngest of three girls and the last of five to marry, my family decided I should have my special day at the Equinox. I don't have a complaint, it couldn't have been more perfect..A Painting of the Equinox now hangs in our living room and we return to visit the Equinox every few years. Leigh Miles Married 3/26/2000


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Cloud 999

By: Lorie Valentino, Burlington VT


For the last three winters my mother and I have spent time together at the Equinox Resort and Spa taking advantage of the Cloud 999 package. The place is absolutely magical! The staff are so friendly, the history is so rich, and the food is delicious. We love spending time at the spa having spa treatments, participating in yoga, pilates, and pool aerobics classes, and just relaxing and soaking in the peace we find there. The scenery is gorgeous and we enjoy snow shoeing and cross country skiing on the nearby trails. We hope to keep visiting the Equinox for years to come! It truly has a special place in our hearts.


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Exceeded Expectations

By: Liza DeMartino, Albany NY


Having stayed at The Equinox Resort before, I knew my visit was going to be exceptional. From the moment I arrived, everything was perfect. The wonderful staff, the prompt service and the absolutely pristine resort was unmatchable! My stay was truly memorable and far exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you to everyone at The Equinox. What a fantastic team you all are!


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An Unforgettable Snowy Experience

By: Ronelle Peters, Road Town VI


I spent three wonderful unforgettable days at the Equinox. From the moment we arrived the greeting was warm and inviting after a long drive from Rhode Island. The staff is friendly and very professional. I especially enjoyed a young lady from Georgia (waitress) I looked forward to chatting with her at breakfast. However, my greatest moment there was how lovely everything was inside and outside. It was my very first time having a snowy experience.... IT WAS WONDERFUL! I am telling all my friends in BVI to choose EQUINOX. Thanks Equinox for a lifelong experience.


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The Best Birthday .. Ever

By: Stephan Ariyan, MD, New Haven CT


About 15 years ago, I began to make plans for my wife's birthday weekend in December. I had about two months to prepare for this. It seemed like a fine idea to arrange for a nice quiet weekend for the two of us at the Equinox in Vermont. It would be our first trip to this resort. I made reservations arriving on a Friday and departing on Monday. However, I wanted this to be a surprise, and did not want to tell her where I made reservations. I simply told her that I was taking her away for the weekend and to prepare for any possibility. As many times as she asked me where I was taking her, I simply replied that it was a surprise. She insisted that she needed to know where we were headed, because she needed to select the proper clothing for the weekend. I told her to prepare for all possibilities by taking her bikini bathing suit, as well as her fur coat…. “And, oh, by the way, bring a formal evening dress, as I will also bring my tuxedo.” She then guessed that it must be either New York City or Boston if we were going to a formal event. I declined any comments and repeated that it was a surprise. When our young adult children heard the story from my wife, each came by separately to ask where I was taking mom. Each promised not to tell her. I continued to say that it was a surprise and would not divulge our destination. On the Friday of that designated weekend, I cancelled my office visits and we drove off. I told her we were going to the airport as I was taking her to Florida. Needless to say, she was very upset as she had prepared for winter clothing. We passed the airport in New Haven and proceeded on Interstate 91 heading North. By the time we reached the Massachusetts border, it began to snow. And it continued to snow the entire weekend we spent at the Equinox. The reason I asked her to bring her formal evening dress was because they had a special arrangement at the main dining room on Saturday evening. There was limited seating for a special dinner during which a string quartet played holiday music the entire evening. It was all memorable ! ! In fact, it was such a perfect weekend, that my wife has refused to go back because she states that no experience at that hotel can match that weekend for her. I am now planning a birthday weekend for this December for her. I have explained to her that the Equinox has made some major changes, and I asked her if she would consider going and visiting the resort again. I am waiting for her response….


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Kayla to the Rescue!

By: Sabra Waxman


Thank you Kayla in Lost & Found! My 13 year old son spent several unforgettable days at Equinox last week with his aunt, uncle and cousins - and left nearly all of his clothing in the room when they checked out. Today we received a package from Kayla with 14 (yes 14!) articles of clothing, everything from jeans and shorts to bathing suits and pajamas. Thanks for taking care of even the smallest details!!


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Memorable Wedding

By: Bonnie Heiple, West Hartford CT


Brian and Casey Sawicki's wedding on June 19, 2010 at the Equinox made for a weekend I will truly never forget. I was proud to stand by Casey's side as one of her bridesmaids, and thrilled to watch Casey and Brian relax and celebrate at their breathtaking reception at your boathouse, surrounded by their family and friends. The lake and mountains provided an incomparable backdrop to the illuminated pavillion, where we danced the night away and toasted to an incredible couple.


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Thanks You Katie!

By: Brad Barton, Bedford NY


I always known that Manchester and the Equinox in particular were pretty special places, but you have exceeded my wildest imaginations. Our first night's accomodation was not the best due to a full hotel. However, first thing the next morning katie form the front desk was able to change us over to the Orvis Inn and I can not begin to thank her and the rest of the Equinox staff enough for the most memoriable vacation of our lives! You have gone way over and above what any human would expect and I simply want to say thank you! Brad Barton


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spaaaa - ahhhh!

By: Debbie Moore, Cumming GA


Ahhhhh, we love the Equinox Spa. My daughter and I plan a visit to the Equinox every February to indulge in the Cloud 999 Spa package. We leave our cares and worries at the door, and rejuvenate our spirits and bodies! Debbie Moore, Cumming GA Lorie Valentino, Milton VT


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50th Anniversary!

By: Ruth and Art Fost, North Caldwell NJ


Our deepest thanks for the wonderful assistance you provided in making our 50th Anniversary celebration at the Equinox a huge success. Our accommodations were perfect! Our dinners were special each evening – and our party dinner in the Battenkill Room was exquisite! The room was just right, the wait staff was wonderful, food was delicious and enjoyed by all. We hiked and swam, we played tennis and sledded, we shopped and relaxed and visited with one another. A grand time was had by all -- and that's really something since we ranged in age from 73 to under a year! Bravo and thanks to you all. We’re already planning our next family gathering at the Equinox. Ruth and Art Fost All good wishes for a Happy and Joyful New Year! Warm regards, Ruth and Art Fost Dear Richard and Todd – Belated thanks for the wonderful assistance you provided in making our 50th Anniversary celebration at the Equinox a huge success. Our accommodations were perfect! Our dinners were special each evening – and our party dinner in the Battenkill Room was exquisite! The room was just right, the wait staff was wonderful, food was delicious and enjoyed by all. Bravo and thanks to you all. We’re already planning our next family gathering at the Equinox. All good wishes for a Happy and Joyful New Year! Warm regards, Belated thanks for the wonderful assistance you provided in making our 50th Anniversary celebration at the Equinox a huge success. Our accommodations were perfect! Our dinners were special each evening – and our party dinner in the Battenkill Room was exquisite! The room was just right, the wait staff was wonderful, food was delicious and enjoyed by all. Bravo and thanks to you all. We’re already planning our next family gathering at the Equinox.


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Thanks to the Equinox for a beautiful wedding and experience!

By: Rachel Cell


Getting married at the Equinox was everything I'd dreamed my wedding should be. Aside from it being an absolutely beautiful setting, I felt so at ease every step of the way. Jessica Smith coordinated the details flawlessly; it was as though everything fell into place naturally and effortlessly. While we couldn't control how fast it all rushed by in a blink, my husband and I are left with a perfect memory. Innumerable thanks to the Equinox and all who worked to make our October wedding a vision.


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A Thanksgiving Tradition- "Orienteering" at the Equinox

By: Beth Lane


Betty Ann Lane, the family matriarch, had five children in the 1940's and1950's. When everyone got married, moved away and began to have families, the big house in Connecticut became the magnet for us to get together once a year for the Thanksgiving holiday. Almost twenty years ago, after the annual competitive family Thanksgiving touch football game, some of us decided that it was time to create a new tradition. A few of us had competed in a sport called "orienteering" and thought we could create an event for the family that might be fun. Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a detailed map to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain. Each year, from then on, Lane Thanksgivings began to have a different focus. Yes, there was the meal and yes there were occasional football games we watched on TV, but as the years progressed, most of us became much more interested in the orienteering part of Thanksgiving. Having a holiday for all this past Thanksgiving at the Equinox Resort was an exciting and restful experience. The orienteering event was held on property on the lower trails and woodlands of Equinox Mountain. It finished at the Pond Pavilion. We understand the resort has organized orienteering session for business groups for five years now, but we were the first one for a family reunion. It was a wonderful time, thanks again for everything!


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20 Years of Wonderful Thanksgiving Memories

By: Carole Spencer


In 1984, my parents took the family to Pennsylvania to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary over Thanksgiving weekend. In 1988, we moved the Thanksgiving reunion to the newly reopened Equinox. Since that time we have experienced many changes in the family and the resort. Our three children have married, seven grandchildren were born, and the older generation has passed on. The Equinox has gone through several restorations, wonderful property updates and new management over the years, and Thanksgiving remains the family’s favorite holiday. The yearly reunion at the Equinox is eagerly anticipated by everyone. Here is the most recent picture of the family gathering in the beautiful new Great Room. Thank you for the memories.


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One With The Hawk

By: Lisa Springsteel, New York NY


I visited the resort with my (then) boyfriend, Steve who was a regular at the Equinox in Manchester. Upon check-in, I noticed the list of activities available to your hotel guests. As an avid hunter/jumper horseback rider, we signed up for the horse back trail ride which was phenomenal (forest trail, deer sightings, beautiful cliff and mountain views). When we found out that we could experience flying a Harris hawk in the only school of falconry in the United States, it was a no-brainer for us and I immediately told Steve that we would have to try it out. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life! I live and work in Manhattan, NY and being one with nature, both with the gorgeous Harris hawks and with the tranquil setting couldn't have been more relaxing for this stressed out city girl. All of the daily reminders of the grind of city working (for me, in the fashion industry) and living dissipated. After my experience, I was inspired to do research and found the history of falconry to be equally as fascinating. Soon after, I read an article in Vanity Fair about Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his own fascination with falconry which has been an interest of his since he was a child. He now trains with white spotted owls, as well as hawks. I cannot wait to go back to the resort and do it again! It was difficult for me to come back to the city after experiencing both the lovely resort (the great food, the spa, the relaxation, the friendly staff, our exquisite room) and this wonderful opportunity to be one with the hawk in this off-the-beaten path, raw and natural setting.


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Mountain Biking was Great!

By: Deborah Cioffi


Thank you for your help in finding mountain biking information while we attended a Leadership Meeting at the Equinox. We had a great time. You can tell by our smiles!


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The falcon was bigger than I expected...

By: Karen Martin, Montpelier VT


The falcon was bigger than I expected, but surprisingly light on my arm. He sat composed, orange and amber feathers held tightly by his side. We carefully removed the hood, and I’ll never forget those flashing bright eyes staring directly into mine. On cue we released him and he flew fast and high. Moments later, with a simple movement of my arm this magnificent bird descended like a shot and resumed his perch next to me.


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Once a year this is home to me...

By: Chris Jetko, New York NY


Once a year this is home to me. The only sound the soft rippling of the water and the melodies of the birds in the trees. Here, sheltered from the cares of the world, lost in complete tranquility, I rhythmically cast to where the stream is calm. But, whether the fish bite or not, I’ve already found what I’m looking for.


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No Ordinary Meeting...

By: Larry Mitsch, Newark NJ


This was to be no ordinary meeting. Everyone from the Division Head down was in attendance as we sought to plan out a strategy for the year ahead. Arriving at The Equinox, we were immediately taken in by the atmosphere, starting with stunning vistas and clean, crisp mountain air, contributing to a climate of clear thinking and unencumbered energy. The first session was a great success, and as we took a break my co-workers headed out to the golf course, hiked wooded trails, and I enjoyed the unforgettable experience of the off-road driving school. Relationships were strengthened and new and lasting friendships were established. We left not just with fresh ideas, but with a whole new vision for the company.


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My wedding at the Equinox...

By: Sarah Burton, Westchester CT


My wedding at the Equinox was more extraordinary than I ever could have imagined. We walked the winding garden path, my father and I arm in arm. Around us all was green and bursting with colorful flowers. As the string quartet began the first strains of the wedding march we entered an intimate grove of trees, an assembly of family and friends lining the way. I squeezed my father’s arm tighter, overcome with emotion, and while the sight of the pale green mountains beyond was extraordinary, all I could see was my waiting beloved. As we said our final vows, the gentle rustling of the leaves mingled with the applause, and I realized that a single moment truly can last forever.


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