Pre-Arrival Concierge

At the Equinox we want you to start your vacation worry-free. Our online concierge form gives you the ability to request in advance some of our very popular activities and spa services. Please review the selections below and correspond with us online by giving us your preferred reservation date and time. We will email you back with a confirmation or let you know if another selection needs to be made. To ensure that you receive your desired activity and time, we ask that you submit your requests no later than 48 hours before you arrive.

If you prefer to speak to our concierge please call: 800-362-4747. We look forward to your stay.

*We do require 24-48 hour cancellation on some of our activities. Please inform the concierge upon arrival of any changes. Please note that while we always try to accommodate requests, this form serves as a request for reservation only, not a reservation itself. Our concierge team will respond to you within 24 hours upon receipt of request providing reservation details once dates and times have been confirmed.

Orvis Fly-Fishing
Other Requests

 Massage Therapy
   Swedish Massage
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Swedish Massage
Gentle massage using long Swedish effleurage strokes.
   Equinox Therapeutic Massage
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Equinox Therapeutic Massage
Custom full-body massage using strong and firm strokes.
   Mother Earth
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Mother Earth
Prenatal massage, specially designed for the mother to be.
   River Stones
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - River Stones
Hot and cold basalt river rocks are incorporated in your massage.
   Aromatherapy Massage
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Aromatherapy Massage
A specialized gentle massage technique using blended essential oils to rebalance the body and mind.
   Tension Tamer
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Tension Tamer
This neck, shoulder, and back massage is designed to relieve tension and stress.
   Tension Tamer with Hot Stones
  / /

Spa - Massage Therapy - Tension Tamer with Hot Stones
This neck, shoulder, and back massage is designed to relieve tension and stress.

 Signature Treatments
   White Clay Body Mask
  / /

Spa - Signature Treatments - White Clay Body Mask
   Equinox Skin Rejuvenation
  / /

Spa - Signature Treatments - Equinox Skin Rejuvenation
   The Spirit of Vermont
  / /

Spa - Signature Treatments - The Spirit of Vermont
Nestled between the Green and Taconic Mountains, you’ll find a calming sensation upon arrival at our beautiful Vermont spa. This treatment reflects that calming energy of Vermont. Indulge in the Vermont experience with a combination of massage, Reiki and reflexology.

 Body Treatments
   Body Exfoliation
  / /

Spa - Body Treatments - Body Exfoliation
A pure sea salt, maple, or citrus scrub. Brings your skin to a radiant glow; the warm rain of the Vichy shower relaxes the mind and body; and a rich body cream is massaged into the skin for a smooth touch. Warm Rain to Vichy or Swiss Shower.
   Gifts from the Sea
  / /

Spa - Body Treatments - Gifts from the Sea
An active marine detoxifying mud is applied. The skin absorbs the active elements while you are wrapped and, after a refreshing shower, a specialized moisturizer is massaged into the skin.
   Mother Earth Wrap
  / /

Spa - Body Treatments - Mother Earth Wrap
This cooling, soothing gel wrap is recommended for pregnant women to help relax, hydrate, and nourish the skin.
   The Autumnal Ritual
  / /

Spa - Body Treatments - The Autumnal Ritual
Inspired by the Egyptian rituals, this full-body treatment is a delicate combination of pure gold mineral and Egyptian chamomile. Allow yourself to be transformed from head to toe as you are exfoliated, enveloped, and massaged in a golden hue that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

 Skin Care
   Equinox Custom Facial
  / /

Spa - Skin Care - Equinox Custom Facial
A refreshing facial to purify, nourish, and hydrate your skin, customized to suit your specific skincare needs.
   Mountain Man
  / /

Spa - Skin Care - Mountain Man
This facial is specially designed for men, using products uniquely suited for a man's skin.
   Rosacea Facial
  / /

Spa - Skin Care - Rosacea Facial
This facial calms redness, irritation and rosacea. Skin will appear more vibrant and hydrated.
   Therapeutic Ant-Aging Facial
  / /

Spa - Skin Care - Therapeutic Ant-Aging Facial
   Vitamin C Facial
  / /

Spa - Skin Care - Vitamin C Facial

   Abhyanga Massage
  / /

Spa - Wellness - Abhyanga Massage
A massage with warm ayurvedic oil that helps increase circulation, oxygenation to skin cells and promotes general wellness for the entire body.
  / /

Spa - Wellness - Reflexology
Precise pressure is applied to areas on the feet that correspond to specific organs and structures of the body, resulting in a feeling of overall well being.
  / /

Spa - Wellness - Reiki
An ancient Japanese technique using non-invasive, gentle touch, and specific hand patterns allow energy to flow, promoting balance, energy, and mental clarity; this is not a massage.
  / /

Spa - Wellness - Shiatsu
This traditional oriental technique uses moderate to firm pressure to stimulate and restore balance to the body. The treatment promotes over all well-being and vitality to your body; wear comfortable clothing.

 Hands & Feet
   Top Coat
  / /

Spa - Hands & Feet - Top Coat
Shape your nails, condition your cuticles, and enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage. Your hands are then dipped in a warm wax and then topped off with an application of your favorite polish.
   Express Manicure
  / /

Spa - Hands & Feet - Express Manicure
For those on the go, this express manicure provides effective results in a minimum time. Nails are shaped and cuticles are conditioned and then topped off with an application of your favorite polish.
   Ballet Toes
  / /

Spa - Hands & Feet - Ballet Toes
This pedicure begins with a cleansing foot soak followed by a gentle exfoliation. Your nails are shaped and cuticles conditioned; your feet and legs are massaged; and your feet are then dipped in a tub of warm water, after which your nails are ready for a coat of your favorite nail polish.
   Sole Comfort
  / /

Spa - Hands & Feet - Sole Comfort
This pedicure is designed for both male and female feet that have gone that extra mile. It focuses on softening your calluses with a vigorous scrub, moisturizing your feet with an ultra-hydrating lotion, and buffing your nails to perfection. Nail polish is optional.

  I am not sure what Spa activities above are of interest to me. Please contact me to discuss my options.

  The Golf Club at Equinox
Find Tee Times
Pursue your passion for the game at The Golf Club at Equinox, named one of the "Top 75 courses in the U.S." by Golf Digest, and 10th in New England in The New England Golf Journal's listing of the "100 Best Public Courses in New England". Enjoy crisp mountain air and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains at this par-71, 6423-yard Vermont gem of a course, which boasts challenging play on every fairway, bunker and green. Now managed by Troon Golf®, the leader in upscale golf course management.

 Tee Times
   18 hole tee time
  / /

   9 hole tee time
  / /

 Group Outings
   Small group outing
  / /

(12 to 39 golfers)
   Large group outing
  / /

(40 or more golfers)

   Private Lesson
  / /

   Playing Lesson
  / /

   Video Lesson
  / /

  I am not sure what Golf activities above are of interest to me. Please contact me to discuss my options.

   One-Hour Lesson
  / /

Land-Rover - Lessons - One-Hour Lesson
$250 per vehicle
   Two-Hour Lesson
  / /

Land-Rover - Lessons - Two-Hour Lesson
$400 per vehicle

   Two-Hour Trail
  / /

Land-Rover - Trails - Two-Hour Trail
$400 per vehicle

 Full Days and Scenic Drives
   Full Day Experience
  / /

Land-Rover - Full Days and Scenic Drives - Full Day Experience
A truly customizable experience. Whether it is your first time out or you are looking to hone your off-road skills, the all day provides the most flexible and individualized attention to your adventure needs. Full days begin with lessons on set terrain that cover ditch crossings, log crossings, side-tilts, and vehicle controls while gradually moving into more advanced trails such as steep hill climbs, rocky descents and rugged traverses. Each Full Day Experience includes a picnic lunch and two Land Rover Experience Driving School Gifts, along with your framed certification of completion—prove your mettle to your friends. (6 hours, maximum of three drivers)
   Advanced Full Day Experience
  / /

Land-Rover - Full Days and Scenic Drives - Advanced Full Day Experience
Full Day Experience required. Completed the first Full Day Experience, but need more? This additional full day introduces winching and recovery techniques, advanced trail recovery and pull options, advanced rock and trail terrain and expedition preparedness. As with the Full Day Experience, the individualized instructions allows us to customize the day to fit your own background and needs—we move at your pace—while introducing new and exciting ways of maneuvering safely off-road. Each Full Day Experience includes a picnic lunch and two Land Rover Experience Driving School Gifts, along with your framed certification of completion—show them you conquered both full day courses. (Full Day Experience required, 6 hours, maximum of three drivers)

 Corporate Activities
   Mission Impossible
  / /

Land-Rover - Corporate Activities - Mission Impossible
Work together as one group to solve a rescue, emergency, or trivia scenario created by our creative and capable Land Rover Instructors. The groups will use both off-road driving and outdoor skills to solve multiple part challenges while working on team work and communication in a fun and unique environment.
   Geo-Cache Scavenger Hunt
  / /

Land-Rover - Corporate Activities - Geo-Cache Scavenger Hunt
Work as a group or make your own Land Rover Geo-Cache race. This event provides basic navigation, GPS and compass training before groups work over a wide area with multiple challenges to collect hidden items to win the race.
   Off-Road Challenge Events
  / /

Land-Rover - Corporate Activities - Off-Road Challenge Events
Have you ever driven blindfolded? Don't worry your team will help you. Experience the Blind Drive, Rat Trap, Service Drive, Off-Road Trials Course and other exotic and new ways to challenge your group in a truly memorable event.
   Group Lesson
  / /

Land-Rover - Corporate Activities - Group Lesson
The perfect meeting break or alternative to less exciting group activities. Give your group something to talk about. Lessons cover the basics of expedition-style driving and off-road obstacles such as steep ascents, descents, side-tilts, log crossings, creek crossings, rock crawls, and boulders create an exciting and memorable off-road adventure.

 Special Activities
   Executive/VIP Transportation (Location Specific)
  / /

Land-Rover - Special Activities - Executive/VIP Transportation (Location Specific)
Land Rover Instructor available for hourly chauffeured service for local transport, meeting transport, or evening events.
   Wedding Transportation (Location Specific)
  / /

Land-Rover - Special Activities - Wedding Transportation (Location Specific)
Land Rover Instructors dressed for the occasion with fleet vehicles tastefully appointed for the special event. This service may include wedding party scenic drives to and from the service, reception transportation and event transportation services. Fleet size limited.
   Airport Ride/Drive (Location Specific)
  / /

Land-Rover - Special Activities - Airport Ride/Drive (Location Specific)
Your next ride to the airport could be behind the wheel of a new Range Rover Sport. Along with your Land Rover Instructor, experience the on-road capabilities of one of Land Rover's current products on your way in our out of town. Includes assistance with luggage, brief vehicle walk-around (depending on your time) and a certified Land Rover instructor to customize your experience.

  I am not sure what Land-Rover activities above are of interest to me. Please contact me to discuss my options.

   One-Day Fly Fishing School
  / /

includes classes on casting techniques, essential fly-fishing knots, gear and tackle selection, freshwater entomology, fly selection, moving water analysis, and video analysis ($350 per guest)
   Two-Day Fly Fishing School
  / /

include classes on casting techniques, essential fly-fishing knots, gear and tackle selection, freshwater entomology, fly selection, moving water analysis, and video analysis ($470 per guest)
   Guided Fly Fishing trips
  / /

Offering fishing in the Equinox Pond and the rivers and streams around Manchester, Vermont; all guided trips include use of Orvis equipment such as rod / reel outfits, waders, and flies; water and soft drinks are provided; a fishing license is required, except when fishing the Equinox Pond

   Corporate Group Fly Casting Instruction
  / /

minimum of 8 people
   Corporate Group Fly Casting/Fishing Demonstration
  / /

includes discussion on lines, rods, reels, and flies used for different species of fish
   Corporate Group One-Day Fly Fishing seminar
  / /

includes instruction and fishing; use of Orvis equipment; and discussion on lines, rods, reels, knot tying, fly selection, and technique; fishing is done on the Equinox Pond.

  I am not sure what Orvis Fly-Fishing activities above are of interest to me. Please contact me to discuss my options.

   Chop House
  / /

Guests of the Equinox now have access to one of the finest steak houses in the northeast at our new Chop House. Here, the feel is one of a refined hunter’s lodge, with a leather banquet and rich oversized wood tables to easily accommodate the typically oversized steak house fare. Contributing to the masculine presence of the space is the original Orvis stone hearth from 1832, a gathering place of the Green Mountain Boys, which casts the room in a warm soft glow. Cuisine will feature such signature classics as the 32 ounce Prime bone-in “Cowboy” Ribeye, Rack of Domestic Lamb and Seared Atlantic Wild Salmon.

  Marsh Tavern
Reserve your table
The historic Marsh Tavern was the first building erected on the site of what is today the expansive Equinox resort. One of the first lodging houses in Vermont, its history predates the Revolutionary War. Today it is home to a celebrated restaurant and meeting place. Renowned for its hearty New England fare, patrons can enjoy a delicious lunch and the finest regional dinner cuisine. And for good fun, spend a while in the Tavern Lounge for cocktails, a tasty menu, live entertainment, and outdoor seating for wine and spirits. Open daily.
  I am not sure what Dining activities above are of interest to me. Please contact me to discuss my options.
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